Peer Circles

A Facilitated Peer Circle is a private group of invited business leaders, formed to support its members by working together to share challenges, solutions, knowledge, expertise and experience.  Members gather approximately every 6 weeks and are professionally facilitated to cooperate in learning from each other’s successes, setbacks and practices.

The point is to realise opportunities, overcome challenges, develop themselves and their businesses.
The conversation is structured and facilitated to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, leading to specific actions self-directed by participants.

Members take action following the gathering and report the results back to their co-members the next time they meet. This helps everyone move forward on their challenges and learn from each other’s progress. The fact that members always report back to the group helps everyone hold each other to account for progressing with their issues and opportunities.

Who are they for?

For business owners and leaders who wish to form a strong inner circle of trusted “peer advisors”. Leadership can be isolating for those who aren’t able to explore ideas and share difficulties confidentially with others who understand the experience.
Critical friends give fresh perspectives on our own opportunities, plans and issues. Even the act of explaining a problem or dilemma to those outside of our own context, is often powerful at releasing new thinking.

Click the link to download our 2 page PDF summary for more information:  No More Rhubarb – Peer Circles

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