Meeting Coach

Every broken meeting is made up of a bunch of meetings, happening at once, that shouldn’t be together, mixed up with a pile of stuff that should never have been a meeting.

This is entirely fixable by taking a structured approach to understanding the outcomes that are essential for the participants and using a structure built to achieve that purpose.  Anyone can learn the approaches needed to keep the meeting optimal and avoid the time sapping horrors, that steal the energy and productivity of unfortunate attendees.

Get confident

Intimidating people and situations are much easier when you have a well thought through plan of not just what you want to happen, but also how you can make it occur.

Shorten updates

Team meetings can drag and repeat endlessly, but you can change all that and get everyone on the same page in a fraction of the time.

Deal with the unexpected

You can’t plan for every eventuality, but you can have a safety net in place to avoiding derailing the whole meeting unnecessarily.

Teleconferences are fixable

Whilst remote conversations have their own unique challenges, there are still easily understood steps that you can take to improve them drastically.

Present engagingly

Whether it’s getting people on board with your ideas or updating stakeholders, you can deliver compelling messages and win the room.

One to Ones are meetings too

Whichever side of the table you’re sitting a one to one needn’t be an awkward chat. It can get you the results you need, with just a bit of focused effort

You don’t even need to be the chair

By learning how great meetings really work you can even contribute to improving someone else’s meeting that you attend.

What’s included

This is a package of one-to-one coaching sessions designed to give you the capability you need by supporting you to prepare and deliver real meetings. This way you learn by using the approaches we’ll share with you, instead of having to work out how to apply theory later.

Our facilitators know exactly how to make every type of meeting an effective use of time, attention and energy. We will help you prepare to use clear approaches to change the meetings you attend to be efficient conversations where work gets done fast and the meeting ends ahead of schedule.  Coaching includes one to one support in:

  • Defining your meeting objectives
  • Selecting a structure that will get you the results you need
  • Preparing to introduce the approach needed and get others on board
  • Reviewing your first live runs – appraising how things went and adapting where necessary

You’ll have an expert facilitator to coach you along the way, to give you all the support you need to be confident. You’ll use proven approaches which engage your participants, cut through the noise, stop circular conversations and deliver value.

A one hour webinar will introduce you to the key concepts and approaches that you’ll be using with the help of your expert coach.

6 further coaching sessions on the phone, skype or other conferencing service are included, so the next step is to select when you’d like these to take place. You’ll be able to book them into your coach’s available time directly online.

During each coaching call you’ll review what you’ve done so far and plan your next steps. As you try new approaches in meetings you’ll discuss what went well to re-use and what to do differently next time. After each call you’ll go away knowing exactly what you need to do next to build on your success and improve your next meeting.

Before you speak with your coach we’ll ask you to share the outcomes that you need from the meeting that you’ll plan together, along with anything that you believe will make them difficult to achieve.

We encourage you to put your plans into action by running a meeting between each session, so that in the next conversation we can review what went well and what you’d want to change, before planning your next one.

100% money back guarantee

We know it’s hard to judge whether we can really deliver what we promise, so we want you to decide risk free. We’re totally serious that we’ll refund the whole amount you paid if you are not satisfied that ‘Meeting Fixer’ is great value.

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