Vision to Action

All business leaders have hopes and fears about the future, but how well do the actions taken within the company every day match up to delivering a desirable future?

When leaders have a clear mental picture of how they want the business to develop over the coming years, then they are in a better position than those who hope to succeed by taking things as they come.

The biggest win comes from having that vision captured and shared with team members, in a form that allows them to use it in their everyday decisions.

Vision to Action will allow you to gain alignment among directors on the strategic direction of the business and build a clear deliverable plan designed to drive actions in the present which can deliver the desired future.

  • Planning ahead to achieve your business goals can be an energising experience that you look forward to!
  • Getting aligned with your right hand people is an activity which feels rewarding and drives you forward together.
  • Defining actions will give you momentum to get on with them and start to see the results.

How it works

Your facilitator will guide you through every step to gain alignment quickly to:

–  Create a common vision for the business at a defined future point (3 to 5 years)
–  Capture detail of what that will mean in reality, how it will look and what will be true
–  Build a believable 3 to 5 year plan containing targets measures and milestones
–  Define short term actions necessary for the success of the plan, with owners and delivery targets
–  Review the plan to keep on track and update it as new information becomes available

Included with this package of support is a kick-off of up to half a day, followed shortly after by an action planning session which is typically shorter. Three quarterly follow up sessions allow you to review progress and update your plan.

Exclusive Launch Offer

Contact us now and your Vision To Action project could cost you as little as £1970 for a whole year of support in delivering your strategic goals.  This includes:

  • Vision capture session (lasts up to half a day for up to 4 participants)
  • Action Planning and deadline setting (usually 1 to 2 weeks later)
  • 3 Quarterly review sessions where you can adjust the plan based on new information

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What others have said:

“We had previously thought that, as directors, we were all of one mind in what we want to achieve and how we’ll get there. The planning session surfaced differences that were easy to resolve once in the open, but left undiscovered would have had us working against each other.”


“The planning session ensured that all of our ideas for the future were aligned to the same outcomes and allowed us to prioritise how to use our resources.”


“During the planning process there were actually occasions where colleagues had different ideas in terms of how the business models would develop. These conversations were vital and may not have happened without the strategic planning sessions.”


“Having a 5 year plan that we’re all working on has taken away the worry that we would be able to quickly attract an investor, if required. When seeking external funding, this type of plan will be integral in that process.”


“It helped us to truly prioritise our short term projects, in order to achieve our long term goals. I feel more confident that the tasks I’m working on today are in service of those most crucial areas.”