Hire us to work with you and design or improve any meeting, workshop or event

  • We’ll help you define clear outcomes
  • Provide structure to get everyone participating
  • Keep everything on track
  • Make it a brilliant experience
  • To deliver your goals

Or select from a service we already offer:

Vision to Action

Designed for company owners and directors to uncover their vision for the coming years, plan to make it real and drive action to get there. It consists of 2 capture workshops of up to half a day each, where up to 4 leaders define the future, make the plan and agree actions. 3 follow up sessions are included to be used quarterly to review the actions and update the plan.  Find out more

Engage and Commit

When leading change, getting people on board and keeping them engaged is the toughest part. Imagine if you could actually get people to be driving pieces of the change from their own perspective instead.  Find out more

Progress and Embed

To keep a change programme in focus, or keep a workforce acting in service of organisational goals, talk to us about our unique organisational development tool.  Find out more

Peer Circles

A forum for business leaders to support each other in realising opportunities, overcoming challenges, developing themselves and their businesses.  Find out more

Online Facilitation

We achieve high levels of participation within online communities of practice by careful stimulation, moderation, injections of appropriate content and expertise. This is a powerful medium for organisational and professional development which sticks.  Get in touch

Train the Facilitator

We can train you, or your people, in the tools and approaches that we use, so that you can grow your own capability to get great results from meetings. We’ll also offer coaching and ongoing quality assessment and development to keep your facilitation programme on track for its outcomes.  Get in touch

Budding Entrepreneurs

This Programme is designed to support people who are at the beginning of their experience of running a business.  It uses an business simulation to give participants a realistic experience of the challenges they are likely to face and the solutions that they can use to be successful.   Get in touch

Innovation Workshops

If you need to make any sort of significant positive change to your business we can provide a method and facilitator to keep you on track and stimulate the progress that you need.  Example workshops include:

  • Revealing new markets
  • Problem solving and issue busting
  • Ideas generation
  • Making the most of ideas
  • Design thinking
  • Service Design
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Lean Startup Approach

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