Progress and Embed

This is a service which has addresses two problems, with one cost and time effective solution:

  • Leaders need to keep their people focused on action in service of business strategy or a change programme.
  • Individuals need Continuing Professional Development to be entirely relevant to their current circumstances.

Strategy and Change Engagement

The most difficult part of delivering an organisational change, or driving action toward the strategic direction of any business is getting the people involved to stop doing the same old things in the same old way and truly focus on the ways in which they need to behave differently.

Resources which are used to develop new processes and implement new technology can be wasted if the ‘people change’ aspect does not get sufficient support.  It’s common to hear tales of launch events and internal communications that don’t stick, but there is a solution!

About Development Circles

We work with you by forming peer groups of around 10 people and facilitating them through our unique process to:

  • Reflect upon the change required of them
  • Identify the gap between what they do now and what they will need to do
  • Understand and offer support to each other’s challenges
  • Select and share the actions they will take to meet their development needs
  • Hold each other to account for taking their self selected actions

These peer groups reconvene to review progress and plan new actions 8 times over the course of the coming year, thus keeping focus on the goals of the organisation front of mind in the long term.

Our facilitators guide very structured conversations which are entirely focused on the development needs of the individual members in the context of the business strategy and how it relates to them.

Relevant Continuing Professional Development

This type of structured reflection and self directed learning is encouraged as part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements of most professional bodies.  In fact, where CPD hours are reported, participants can record not only the time they spend in facilitated sessions, but also the time they spend taking their actions.

Speak to us and we can advise on how to meet the specific requirements of the organisation that you and your professionals belong to.

Sounds Expensive?

You’ll probably be surprised at how affordable this service can be even for relatively small organisations.  In general the ‘per head’ investment required is comparable to sending somebody on a half day course.  The difference being that this covers an entire year of support specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation and the individual participant!

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