Our Mission

At No More Rhubarb we’re on a mission to banish the unhelpful noise that characterises meetings and training which have become boring, pointless, ineffective or inefficient. We say NO MORE to the painful waste of resources as groups are trapped in conference rooms, time ticks away and work doesn’t get done.

In short you could say we’re a facilitation services company. Our job is to understand the outcomes that our clients need and the challenges they face in reaching them. We then construct appropriate structures for the conversations needed and match the right professional facilitator to the client.

  • We provide professional facilitators
  • We train and coach people to become better facilitators
  • We devise effective structures to support the ‘people side’ of change

If you need to keep your conversation on track to deliver value from it efficiently then check out our products and services, or give us a call to talk about your unique needs.